Rheinischer Hof goes Multikulti

Dieses Jahr dürfen wir viele junge Leute aus der ganzen Welt bei uns begrüßen.
Den Anfang machen Praktikanten aus Ungarn. Im Laufe der Zeit kommen noch Spanier und ein Inder dazu. Wir freuen uns schon sehr voneinander lernen zu dürfen.

In loser Folge werden wir unsere Praktikanten und Lehrlinge hier vorstellen, die mal in deutsch, mal in englisch unsere Fragen beantworten.
Sie alle bekommen denselben Fragebogen und wir sind gespannt, was zurückkommt. 🙂

Den Anfang macht Debóra Tereny aus Tatabanya, Ungarn.

Debóra Tereny

Debóra Tereny. Almost 21, I will have my birthday here 🙂

Where are you from?

Hungary, Tatabanya

Why did you come to Garmisch?

The school mediated us here. But when I started school I wanted to come to Germany because I would like to get to know the culture, habitat etc.

Which duties do you have in the RH?

I work in service. So I have to get up early in every morning. Prepare for breakfast, try to help people. What I don’t like too much: vaccuum cleaning 🙂
In the evenings I work with Nina or John and try to help them. But I think this is the best position.

What do you like about Garmisch?

– The view is breathtaking
– There are a lot of things and places to see
– Everybody is nice an friendly here
– The nightlife 🙂
– The staff!!

What don’t you like about Garmisch?

Just the weather sometimes (…and when I want to talk with my family and the internet is not working. But it’s not a big problem 🙂 )

How long are you staying in Garmisch?

We arrived on May 31st and we want to spend 3 months here. Fingers are crossed 🙂

Are you homesick?

YES, naturally I miss my family, boyfriend and friends, but I don’t want to go home.

Will you keep working in hotels?

I hope so. But first I have to finish school. And I really need to learn languages, especially yours, because it’s so hard for me. Fortunately everybody understands English 🙂

Do you want to tell our guests something?

Have a nice time here and try to see everything! And come back! 🙂

Über jgriess

Just another cashew in a town of mixed nuts. (Rachel Gibson)

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